Friday, February 3, 2017

"No Scientist Thinks Like You Claim"

There was an objection to my saying that the required ideology of the biological and, especially the alleged sciences dealing with the mind is materialist-Darwinist.  Well, we've got  fascists in the White House and running congress and about to install one in a stolen Supreme Court seat but, a quick one.

It just so happens that a couple of weeks ago I read the refutation of that in an old article from Scientific American.    Jessie Bering felt it necessary, before he wrote about some of his personal experiences, his experience of which  couldn't be true if his ideology were valid, to establish that he is a true believer in that very dogma.  He began:

"I’m as sworn to radical rationalism as the next neo-Darwinian materialist. That said, over the years I’ve had to “quarantine,” for lack of a better word, a few anomalous personal experiences that have stubbornly defied my own logical understanding of them."

Based on what he described as his witness of the frequently experienced phenomenon of terminal lucidity in people who have had long or serious dementia, right before they died,  it wasn't his logical understanding of his experience that was defied, it was his "neo-Darwinian materialist" faith.  Atheist materialists are ALWAYS having to suppress the witness of their own experience, reject the reported experience of other people, having to resort to the most unfounded, even illogical and irrational and basest practices of debunkery on the basis of lies and ridicule to make it go away.   But it won't because most people are not so stupid as to not believe their own experience,  experiences as valid as any that the reporting of genuine science is made of.   People who are fortunate enough to see and experience the terminal lucidity of their loved ones before they pass have every right to the evidence of their own eyes without atheist assholes telling them they didn't see what they saw and which the atheists seldom were there to see.

That "neo-Darwininan materialism" is the faith of the entire pseudo-skeptical-atheist materialist priesthood of science and academia that they coerce their colleagues to adopt or at least not violate, which they and their fellow atheists browbeat people with constantly.   It is why, when I challenged atheists to explain how the brain could build the physical structures they claimed were ideas and thoughts BEFORE THEY COULD BE PRESENT AS A PHYSICAL STRUCTURE IN THE BRAIN, several of them, unable to come up with a real answer chanted "natural selection" which, in such atheism, is more a magic charm than a component of rational discourse.

And if I looked for the exact quotes and citations in written stuff, quite a list of them could be compiled.  Maybe I should ask Jessie Bering for a list of "the next neo-Darwinian materialist" and then I could ask those two to the sides of him for more names.

It's a funny ideology that has to lie about its basic faith holdings and the fact that that is what they claim.  It's almost as if they didn't really believe it, themselves, or maybe they just don't like anyone articulating what they're up to.  They prey on the general ignorance and laziness in reading and looking up stuff that is ubiquitous among those who hold college degrees and those who like to think they're superior.

I haven't dipped into the foul little phenomenon of James Randi and CSICOP and pseudo-skepticism in a long while, maybe I should before the foul little creep passes.

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