Friday, February 3, 2017

Reality TV Meets Reality And The Result's Ain't Pretty

As I'm reading those in side the DC establishment who are scratching their heads over Donald Trump's dangerously pathological practice of picking fights with even our strongest allies, I think I see the habits of a deeply incompetent, deeply stupid, deeply unfit for his job, man.  In his entire and complete ignorance and lack of knowledge about even the most vital and basic aspects of what an American president needs to know, the Pretender Trump is resorting to the tactic of bullying and threatening as a way to cover up his total ignorance.  His call to the Australian Prime Minister is a good case to see this in, it was reportedly scheduled for an hour, which carried the huge danger that he wouldn't live in real time, without a director and film editing and scripting, be able to cover his fat ass, he resorted to what he did and cut the call short because he sensed he wouldn't be able to do it.

Donald Trump, a creation of, not even the movies, but "reality TV" is like a really incompetent star of TV trying to do a real play on stage for the first time while the whole world is watching him flounder and flub and forget, lines, cues etc. revealing he doesn't have the faintest idea what the play is even about.   It's worse than that because there's no script and he's making a total and absolute ass of himself and deep, deep down in his 4-year-old mind, even the parts that he's forgotten are where he acts from,  he has a sense that he's blowing it and getting caught and so he throws a tantrum.  

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