Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I'm Sure The Ivy Soxers Will Object

Oh, and, yeah, I suspected that Neil Gorsuch is a product of the Ivy League, in his case Columbia, Harvard and the Brit factory of servants of the ruling class, Oxford.  

American democracy is being strangled by that ivy that covers the Supreme Court.  If I were a Democrat I'd mention something like that in attempting to do everything I could to prevent or at least slow his confirmation and to expose as much as I could that would damage him with the American public.   I've gone to war with invasive ivy, all out slash and burn is often the only way to get rid of it.

The sales job that the Ivy League elite has done on the American People is one of the most successful of their con jobs.  If I had a dollar for every time an alleged liberal got the vapors when I dissed them I'd probably be able to buy a really good computer.

Oh, and, I don't think I'd necessarily ask Neilsie about her, specifically,  but his mother was the criminal Ann Gorsuch McGill Burford who, appointed by Reagan to head the EPA did her best to destroy the agency and to mishandle and perhaps misdirect funds to clean up some of the worst hazardous waste dumps there are.  She was a Flint poisoner type decades before Flint.  Surely finding out if he shares his mother's philosophy of government regulation is relevant to the job he's asking for.   I'm sure the Steve Inskeeps, other NPR hacks and the rest of the media would say that was out of bounds, though it is necessary if protecting the very lives and health of the American People is important, which it clearly isn't to them.

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