Sunday, January 29, 2017

FOX-NPR Republican-mouthpiece, Mara Liasson is on the radio as I type this, soft-selling the blatant neo-fascism of the blatantly fascist Trump regime.  She must be kind of uneasy trying to pass herself off as a legitimate reporter on NPR and keeping the fascist-facilitators at her major gig happy.  But she's been getting away with that on NPR for decades, now.   

NPR deserves to die for crimes against reality, for passing itself off as an alternative to the corporate media.   Liberals who have been supporting them for that entire time are their easy marks, dupes, useful idiots.   NPR is in thick with the normalization of the Trump regime as it veers between neo-fascism and neo-Nazism with the support of the Republican-fascists in the Congress and, no doubt, it will develop, in the federal judiciary.  

Update:  And now NPR's Weekend Edition, in response to the  Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moving the Doomesday Clock to two and a half minutes to nuclear holocaust has on a cheery, upbeat story with a guy who makes "survivalist" bunkers and the business opportunity this is for his brand of con artists. Right now as I'm typing,  they're talking about how people are choosing to decorate their self-designed tombs for the stupid and clueless rich. 

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