Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Alan Archbold - Testimony

Andrew Bennett, Michael
Cathy Belton, Sandra

A two-hander about suspicion in the face of uncertainty and how it alters relationships, how love and family loyalty can keep you from even knowing if you're facing the truth.   Even acquittal doesn't settle it. 

Note:  You'll have to download the mp3 to hear it.  I don't particularly like that but Raidió Teilifís Éireann posts them like that.  


  1. Your kind of people, Sparkles.

    1. You know, Simps, that you have to make up such transparently huge lies about me and to misrepresent what I say to come up with an insult only risks making me feel smug. It makes me feel even more smug when the superannuated residents of Duncan's Daycare for Aged Atheists buy them on the say so of such a transparent liar. I understand Duncan had his feeling hurt by what I wrote Friday. He didn't, though, defend his idiotic contention that Democrats ignore more than 85% of the electorate to win election through the mighty atheist vote, which, I will point out, included the votes of atheist sociopath like Peter Thiel who, I've read, if his Trump turns the U.S. into a neo-Nazi hell hole is planning on fleeing to New Zealand.