Friday, January 27, 2017

The Fait Accompli Against America

If you haven't had enough fright in you week, I'd recommend you read the e-mails of Philip Roth in the latest New Yorker on the Trump regime, especially what he has to say about the similarities and differences between the Trump regime and his novel, "The Plot Against America".  I hadn't thought about it but it does look prophetic but no more than a lot of other things dealing with the possibility that America could have taken the turn in the 1930s that it certainly has in 2017.   

It occurred to me this morning that it is exactly a century after Russia and what became the Soviet Union started its horrific experiment in dictatorial utopia only to have it turn, almost immediately into a dystopia of, till then, unprecedented bloodshed, oppression, slavery and, most of all LIES.  And it is the neo-Soviet-neo-Nazi Putin who - you have to give it to him in is pure evil - used every opportunity given to him by the American Constitution, the American political system, the American judiciary, the American media, American corporations, an American psychopath tycoon, and the American free-speech industry to install his puppet to rule us with a cast of his brats, his crime-family son-in-law and some of the most evil pirates produced by the American economic elite.  

It might be asked if our nightmare will last as long as the Soviet one did, only, fooled us again, it's still on.

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