Monday, January 23, 2017

Republicans Are Probably Planning on Profiting From The Back Alley Abortion Industry They're About To Create

One of the certain effects of Republicans destroying the Affordable Care Act and trying to destroy such health care providers as Planned Parenthood is that there will be more abortions.  Whenever women cannot avoid pregnancies that are not planned and intended, there will be abortions.  Of course the plan of Republicans and other opponents of women being able to have safe, legal abortions will be what it was throughout history, when safe, legal abortions were not available, unsafe, illegal abortions were the only resort.   I came of age in a world where it was not uncommon to know women and teenage girls who had had an illegal abortion, where it was routine for women to die, need emergency care - which carried the risk of being harassed by the police and arrested - many of who were injured, some unable to carry a wanted pregnancy to term or at all.

So one of the certain effects of the actions that Trump and Republicans in the Congress and in state legislatures will be an increase in abortions not a decrease.  Which is a point which should always be made whenever these things are being discussed.

And, it must be included, they are the ones who are always attacking the availability of health care for women who do want to carry pregnancies to term, give birth and raise children.  They are the very people who will, in fact, be throwing millions of such women and their children off of health coverage.

For them to put a man in the presidency who has made screwing around outside of marriage one of his hall marks, the hypocrisy of the certain retort - stated or not -  that women who don't want to be pregnant shouldn't have sex has to be exposed as totally and absolutely discrediting of them. All of the sex lives of all of the opponents of women having access to full medical care, especially that involving reproductive rights is absolutely fair to bring up.  Considering that all of those in the Executive Branch, in Congress and on the federal courts HAVE FULL PUBLIC HEALTH CARE AVAILABLE TO THEM it is our right to do so.  It was always an ever recurring theme that men and women who were some of the loudest opponents of legal abortion had, themselves, either had abortions or had encouraged women they'd impregnated to have abortions.   The hypocrisy of Republicans and conservatives and alleged religious figures who now hold power over the lives of women is epic.

I want to know how many of them either had abortions or impregnated women who had abortions as a result of their producing an unwanted pregnancy, especially those who encouraged or coerced women to have abortions.  I will bet there are more than a few of them and I hope they are exposed. When they are taking the very public actions they are,  with the power they have, they have no right to privacy on those matters.


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