Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Susan Collins Is Just As Bad As All Of The Other Republican Snake Oil Shills And She Adds A Massive Amount of Hypocrisy To It

So, what symptom of criminal insanity has Trump revealed since I last looked?   Which Republican Senator has given him or one of his nominated pirates their support?  

Susan Collins, the shame of Maine before Paul LePage became THE SHAME OF MAINE with her endorsement, has a con-job, smoke-screen, fig-leaf alleged replacement for the Affordable Care Act up, along with another con-artist cum Senator from Louisiana.  One of its major cons is giving states the option of setting up the Affordable Care Act system (or a phony imitation of that) on a state by state basis.  If you're not paying attention, I noted that the two Senator con-artists running this shell game come from the "die faster, poor people, state of Lousiana"  the other comes from the state that has been under the dead weight of Paul LePage for the past six years.   

One of our Republican friendly Maine news programs tried to get the LePage administration to sign on to such a state ACA system, the last I heard they hadn't responded.  I will point out that under LePage the option to insure the poor and destitute under Medicaid was never enacted, thanks to Chief Injustice John Roberts and his fellow Republican-fascists on the court.   I'm sure that if Susan Collins con job came into law and some state tried to use it to expand Medicaid (as if that will survive the Paul Ryan-Mitch McConnell Congress) that the Supreme Court, reinforced on the neo-Nazi end by Trump's nominee would say that it was unconstitutional, as well.  

Susan Collins is rumored to want to be governor of Maine and, with the idiotic ballot access laws we have, I'm sure the Republicans can arrange another millionaire spoiler to put that piece of slime in the Blaine House.  That would be Blaine as in the slogan from his presidential campaign of  1884, “Blaine, Blaine, James G. Blaine, the continental liar from the state of Maine, 'Burn this letter!"*.   Susan Collins, with this latest dodge, deserves a slogan as notorious as that one.  

* A notorious crook and influence peddler during his time as a Senator, he would often include the instruction "Burn this letter," in his business correspondence.   His mansion is the governor's mansion in Maine. 


  1. I'm almost intrigued (although it makes me cold-blooded to even suggest such an attitude) by the ideas being bandied about to replace the ACA, which should be replaced by single-payer, but there you are.

    If wishes were horses, and all that....

    Because any attempt to replace the ACA with something that looks like the ACA but isn't, will be a disaster. What we have now is barely holding together; anything that takes away any part of what the ACA provides, while still represented as being the same only better, is doomed from the start. Even the mention of it, like the Fed Chair not convoluting the syntax of an announcement quite the right way, will send shock waves through the industry.

    Having demanded this state of affairs, which group is going to be first to realize they didn't want it?

    1. I have a relation who was sure "Obamacare" was going to be terrible, until she found out that she, her husband and her 24 year old daughter could get better coverage for less. She voted for Gary Johnson. I suspect she'll be one of them sort of like that.

      The guy I heard about who thought the ACA that he had wasn't "Obamacare" will notice.

      If they kill it and the people who think it will lead to insurance companies leaving the individual market it could lead to a lot more people than just those who have ACA coverage losing their insurance and the prices will certainly skyrocket. Especially if they try to keep the ban on pre-existing condition coverage, etc.

      Susan Collins is one of the biggest liars and fakes among the Republicans. I don't know if our Channel Six - solidly Republican - asking LePage if he'd support that is any indication that even Maine Republicans aren't buying her dodge this time.