Monday, January 23, 2017

Keith Olbermann - Trump Is Insane He Needs To Be Removed From Office

Yes, that's one thing that has been on full display for the three and a half days of the Trump regime, he is literally insane and he's sustained on the lies people like Kellyanne Conway and Reince Pribus tell him and, worst of all, the ones he tells himself.

If Donald Trump is not removed from office, it constitutes that Constitutional crisis we were all told we had to avoid at all costs.  Well, we can't avoid it this time, he is insane for all the reasons Keith Olbermann cites and so many, many more.  I am certain that the career people at the CIA know he's insane, I'm sure even the ones at the FBI who aren't amoral political hacks and liars like James Comey know it, I'm sure even lots of Republicans in the Congress know it.

I'm betting it is going to have to reach a real crisis where a lot of people die before our disgustingly inadequate Constitutional system removes him from office.  Let's hope some of us survive it to change the stupid thing.  That is if junk like Hamilton haven't made that impossible.

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