Monday, January 23, 2017

A Post Script To This Morning's Post

I just noticed that a crucial phrase in my argument this morning was inadvertently edited out and it is important enough so I'm going to turn it into a bold, large font post of its own.

Considering that all of those in the Executive Branch, in Congress and on the federal courts who are cutting women and children off of healthcare, including reproductive healthcare HAVE FULL PUBLIC HEALTH CARE AVAILABLE TO THEM it is our right to do call them on their hypocrisy. 

I don't know, does their healthcare extend to birth control and abortion?  Not that most of the mostly men among them and most of them past the age cohort for which those are vitally important aspects of health care need it.  Does it cover their adolescent children for whom that is important? 

I'm undecided as to whether or not the private lives of the children and wives of politicians, cabinet members, judges, prominent congressional staffers should be gone into by those of us excavating the mother-lode of their hypocrisy or not.   I'm inclined against that but they have no problem violating in the most intimate terms the privacy of each and every woman whose bodies they want to turn into a public interest.  

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