Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Public Service Announcements Gave Way To Fascist Service Programming

Visiting an elderly relative the other day,  yes, there are people more elderly than I am,  she had on the Catholic TV cable station.  Not the dreadful, reactionary EWTN, the cable station from the Archdiocese of Boston.   I wasn't paying especially close attention to it when I heard this striking ad from Embrace Refugees

It suddenly occurred to me that I don't think I heard a public service message on a commercial TV station for years and years before I escaped from worship of the wall screen.   Did they go as a result of the Reagan administration dropping public service requirements from the stinking media?

Does this kind of thing get on local TV some places?  Does it appear on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX?  I ask that last one just to include it,  I can imagine FOX airing the opposite of this ad, only they'd call it "news", in fact, their interpretation of public service is more in line with the use of that term in animal breeding.   All of the networks, actually.

You would like to think that Americans who saw actual refugee children, who heard their words out of their mouths might be moved from the racism of the American fascists, the Trump-fascists, the Republican-fascists, but, given this election, it's obvious that a large number of Americans would probably be less likely to hear what they said if it came out of their mouths.  Of course, if the TV executives don't carry their words, even spoken by American children, they won't even hear them that way.

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