Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hate Mail - The Clever Simels

I am sent a picture that Steve Simels posted of a dog's anus that he claims looks like Jesus.  I don't know, it looks more Brit to me, more like a mop head from the period when they did that lame-ass cartoon of them.

Doesn't look Semitic to me.  

It is ironic considering it's a horse's ass that posted it.  And here Simps said I have no sense of irony. Shows what he knows. 

What's really funny is he thinks him being a jerk is going to upset someone.   Anyone who would get upset about that needs to rearrange their priorities. 


  1. It's no dumber than Jesus appearing on a grilled-cheese sandwich, Sparkles.

  2. Who says that's not dumb? But it generates yet another irony, you're as dumb as a grilled-cheese sandwich. American cheese on Wonder White with margarine and mayo.

    I'm finding it a hoot that you're so stupid you figure I would think an apparition by GAC was some kind of serious religious object or experience. You don't know the first thing about me, you're too busy moving around the prejudices you move around instead of thinking.

    I'd go into it more but he gave a warning about throwing pearls before swine.

  3. By the way, Simps, I'd say that anus was a dead ringer for the cute Mophead in that cartoon. Why don't you go in for a better look? Though it would probably tax your abilities to the stretching point.