Monday, November 21, 2016

At Least I'm Not Telling You What I'm Eating For Lunch

In the two months since giving up the serious sets of crunches I did every morning for planking - which takes a lot less time - I've wished I did it years earlier.  Planking is, by far, better than those crunches we were all taught to do back in the olden days.  What they told us was the real, right way to do it instead of those sit-ups we'd been taught.

Someone saw me and asked me if I was getting in shape to get into dating.

To which the answer is hell no.  I'm getting into not having a backache, though I'm going to have to go back to wearing suspenders.  My pants are too loose. 

This is as close to a personal weblog as I'm going to get.   If you do crunches now, try planking instead, there are a million places to find out how its done online. 

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