Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dusan Bogdanovic - Little Cafe Suite for Guitar

It's been a really crappy year, starting with my brother in a coma (it's only gotten worse, don't ask) to Hillary Clinton winning the election but being denied the presidency by a mix of our slave-holding founders' democracy prevention measures, the quarter-century inquisition of her by the 1st Amendment media privilege to lie, and the criminalized FBI under James Comey interfering in the election.  Comey and his thugs as Feds should all be in jail, Trump should be trying to figure out how he's going to get out of the various lawsuits by all the people he's cheated and robbed.

Then there was the drought we've been having in New England, drier than I've ever seen it, drier than the oldest person I know ever seeing it, another terrible garden year after last year's garden destroying hail storm.  We didn't even get any apples due to the unnaturally warm winter last year which included early blossoming and then a frost to kill those.

One of the few bright sides to it for me was finding out about the music of Dusan Bogdanovic which is wonderful even as it doesn't make up for the rest of it.  But I'm thankful for that, as I'm thankful for learning about Walter Brueggemann's work and his point of view of the First Testament.  The Psalms and his hints on how to use them are another high point.   I've given you a Psalm, here's a piece by Bogdanovic which was just posted a couple of days ago.  I'm already looking for the CD.

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