Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hate Mail - A Curse

I know it's not nice but having watched dozens of people I knew die of AIDS, having seen my father painfully and horribly turn yellow and die as a result of the Hepatitis C he contracted from a blood transfusion,  I can't help but wish you could directly experience in your own body the results of those diseases which you so blithely and, as you believe so amusingly,  approve of those who "work" in porn being exposed to.    I'll wish that for you and not for your loved ones, though I doubt someone so depraved as you really has those. 

Update:  If you watched people die of AIDS and you oppose requiring the producers of porn to prove condoms are used by the people they exploit you're only confirming you are as much a piece of shit as I said you are, Simps. 

Update 2: Simps, I'm going to hold that last diatribe because it sounds like you're off your meds, consider it my favor to you.  I still notice you haven't committed on the ballot question. 

Update 3:  Simps, I'd say a mind is a terrible thing to waste but in your case that's moot. 


  1. As you already know, I lived in the NYC at the beginning and the height of the 80s AIDS plague, so don't fucking lecture me about losing friends to the disease, shit for brains.

    And let me add, and for the record, that you can go fuck yourself.

  2. Who said I opposed it, you hick Jeebus freak as swipe

  3. I notice you didn't take the opportunity to say that you are in favor of requiring porn producers to prove that the men they use in porn wear condoms. I wonder why you would pass up the chance to say that instead of posing that uninformative question.

    But, then, you don't seem to be able to navigate around the use of the conditional mood. Maybe, as you so often say, words fail you, yet again.

  4. Obscenities and diatribes seem to be all he's capable of anymore.

    Kinda makes you wonder why he bothers turning on the computer at all.....