Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hate Mail misc. "More Speech" Has Definitively Failed The Test Of Time Falling For It Makes You A Chump For Trump

The designation "Hispanic" is almost as meaningless as "Nones".   When she came to live in the United States a member of my extended family who grew up in the Dominican Republic was shocked to find out that instead of being considered Latina, as she defines herself, most Americans consider her and her son Black.   In the Dominican Republic she was part of the fair-skinned middle class, she and her family didn't identify themselves with their obvious African heritage.   She is fluent in both Spanish and English but she identifies with other people who speak Spanish who come from Latin America.   Someone of her identity disappears in that Pew analysis.   I haven't talked with my nephew who speaks mostly English with an American accent since he became old enough to determine who he is going to identify with but I am pretty sure he is considered Black in Atlanta. 


I absolutely do date the beginning of the rise of Trump with the 1964 Sullivan Decision.  Donald Trump won the election due to two lines of lies which were made ubiquitous by the American media enabled to lie by that decision.  

What sold Trump were the lies that demonized Hillary Clinton and produced a vague, content free belief in so many that she, a real public servant for the past quarter of a century as she was under fire, was corrupt and the embodiment of evil.  The other line of lies directly produced the public persona of Donald Trump and the general line of Republican propaganda that duped even those who are the victims of what they do when they have power.  

Anything which enabled the lies that flooded through the media into the minds of tens and hundreds of millions and enabled those lines of lies to swamp the truth shares in the responsibility for producing the coming horror of the Trump regime, no less than they produced those of George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush and Richard Nixon.  

The elite, Ivy League class lawyers who produced the legal arguments that allowed the media to tell those lies,  many of them working in the hire of the media which has lied us into Trump, the journalists who promoted those lines and slogans, the Supreme Court justices who bought it - some of them among the most liberal members of that body as well as some of the most overtly fascist - all of them are the ones who created the conditions that got Trump into the presidency.    

I named a few of them, Nat Hentoff, Joel Gora, the American Civil Liberties Union, many others could be named.  I'll risk them suing me, I dare them to.  

They are still pushing those permissions of the media to lie even after the results of their advocacy are obvious, after their absurdly stupid and entirely ineffective bromide of "more speech" has obviously failed, abjectly and utterly.  

If it worked, Trump wouldn't be getting ready to set up a fascist regime in the United States.   I don't retract a syllable of that accusation. I don't care what the conventional pseudo-left pieties hold about them.  The reality of what they produced is real and horrific.  I don't fall for their preening pose of idealistic purity or their pitch for donations and subscriptions.   Those are all lies, as well.   

The Sullivan Decision, blocking the ability of liberal politicians to put their "more speech" where it would have a real effect on media corporations,  in lawsuits which could have forced them to retract and, more importantly, to cost them money, is what is most responsible for the end of liberal progress.   

You can chart the decline of the left from it, beginning with the first presidential election after it in 1968, electing Richard Nixon four years after that ruling was made.  Anyone who remembers that election accurately will remember that the media was, beyond doubt, in favor of putting Nixon into office.  

I have mentioned how, listening to the TV the morning after the election, when Nixon's win was announced, cheering broke out in the NBC news room.  I recall old, prim John Chancellor was visibly shocked and eager to cover up for his colleagues who gave away the game claimed that they were just glad it was over.  Which I didn't believe then and I don't believe now.  NBC and the other networks have done very well under Republicans, their owners have done very well under them as have their advertisers.  

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  1. Trump, right now, is doing business with foreigners. After Jan. 20, 2017, such acts will violate the Constitution:

    "No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state."

    Foreign diplomats are already making it well known they will stay in Trump properties in this country, because...why not?

    And yet it is Clinton who is "corrupt."