Friday, November 25, 2016

The Badness of My Method - Hate Mail

As I've noted in the past, I have very bad eyesight.  That means that I need to see what I've written in several different forms in order to edit it,  I can't really see the word-processing feature of Blogger very well, even when it's increased in size.  I suppose I should buy one of those giant screens but I can't afford one.   Also, the "save" button on it is right next to the "publish" button so I have been known to push the wrong button, publishing things in a draft instead of a more finished form.

Editing in the deep shadows has its own perils, quite often when a sentence is changed I'll miss where I should have changed the number of the noun or pronoun or  verb or where I should have changed a preposition.  That's especially true because I tend to write long sentences.   I can't see punctuation marks on it either, usually guessing where those are by the spacing.   You can read in my archive my thoughts on that too.  I'd suggest searching with the terms Strunk White for those.

I try to post things by nine-o'clock in the morning Eastern Standard Time in the United States, trying to post the semi-final draft by seven so I can look at it on a couple of different monitors, looking for problems.  Obviously that doesn't always do the job.  Needless to say, I continually edit as I see problems, sometimes I don't catch them till later in the day or days later, if ever.

If you don't like what I write, you know, you're not obligated to read it.  

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