Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Xavier Jara - GFA 2016 Finals

Here's a short recital played by Xavier Jara, the young American guitarist who is one of the best guitarists I've ever heard.   I listened to a number of the youtubes of the others in the competition.  Though I hate musical competitions on principle, he stood out in a pretty spectacular field. Outstanding in the playing, the musicality, and the choice of repertoire and complete maturity in his thinking and amazing use of time.

1. Fantasies P5 & P71 - John Dowland 0:00 , 2:45

2. Sonata K53 in D Major - Domenico Scarlatti 9:25

3. Labyrinth - Stephen Goss 12:45

4. Dreams - Sergio Assad 19:30

5. Sonata N.3 - Dusan Bogdanovic 22:50

You may have heard a youtube I posted a few weeks back of him playing the Bogdanovic sonata in an earlier competition,  I may have posted another youtube of him playing it on a different occasion as well, I don't remember.  Hearing how he makes the same piece new every time he plays is shows that he's a real artist as well as a spectacular technician.  A fine but otherwise inferior musician might make the mistake of trying to play the same piece the same way, a great one will always be finding new things in it.

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