Friday, July 13, 2018

This Is Your Brain On Hg and Politicians Should Always Be Treated With The Same Rules They Set For Others

Listening to the clip of Rep. Paul Gosa, claiming that he could read Peter Strzok's mind because he's a dentist reminded me of the dentist who went to school with my mother and who ended his days in a state of dementia brought on by decades of sloppy handling of mercury in his office.  They said that when he died the guy who took over his practice had to have the office thoroughly scrubbed for mercury, there was so much of it around.  

Does he do all of the dentistry for the Republican caucus in the House or just those two committees?  If you want to consider the possibility, Charles Pierce did a rogues gallery of the goons on display during the hearing.  It's too long to copy and paste, but you can see it here

Anyone in the media who presents the Republican Party as anything except a collection of the totally corrupt, the totally loony, the congenitally stupid is part of the collusion with their billionaire owners.


I am particularly interested in how the growing scandal surrounding Jim Jordan's complicity in a years long gay sexual harassment ring at Ohio State is developing.  But that's not the word, it was more like a systematic practice, apparently known by anyone involved in the wrestling program Jim Jordan worked in that it was going on.  Considering what was said in the hearing yesterday, what they allowed Louis Gohmert to say, I'd say everything about that is fair game from now on.  Jim Jordan is as guilty as Roger Ailes was, maybe more so.  There had to be some motive in letting it go on for years.  Considering what Trey Gowdy has been doing over the past several years, I don't think any speculation should be held back.  I'm entirely in favor of politicians being treated by the same rules they use. 

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