Sunday, July 8, 2018

Number 9, number 9, number 9 . . . Simp's idea of music worth listening to 100 times and music not worth really listening to once - You Got It, Stupid Mail

I can't do a post on it every time Simps displays his mental incapacity at Duncan's, I'd never have time to write about anything else. 

Anyone who couldn't listen a hundred times to any of Beethoven's major works and even many of the less great ones (he didn't much do minor works) without them going stale has to count as a rather stupid vulgarian.  Simps put himself in that category, not me.  That he could say something like that without push-back at Duncan's is telling.  Of course no one but a stupid vulgarian would consider listening to one recording of one work 100 times in succession though Gunther Schuller certainly listened to many recordings of the same works over and over to conduct his great study of the habits of conductors I'm sure he didn't do them all at once.

Off hand,  I would guess I have about a half dozen discs of that work and I'm certain I've listened to every one of them enough times to more than add up to a hundred times.  And that's not including live performances I've attended and hearing it on the radio.  Off hand I'd say by the time David Zinman did his fascinating recordings of Beethoven's Symphonies, I'd heard all of them 100 times, including the less played ones.  His account of the 9th was astonishing in many ways.   I recall that I found new things in the Zinman set and found it entirely engaging.  Only an idiot and vulgarian could get bored with Beethoven.

Considering how many times that Simps has listened to absolute crap pop songs he considers great art, I think it's obvious that he lacks the attention span to listen to a major work of symphonic length.  I'll bet he's listened to Sgt. Pepper hundreds of times and that he really would rather listen to that than anything that requires attention and thought and careful listening.  I'll bet he's gassed on about something in the mopheads oeuvre or Mick and his old Stones' catalog at Duncan's more than a hundred times, makes you wonder why none of them has taken the gas pipe. 

Update:  That fucking liar, I have never in my life said anything bad about Zero Mostel - Dopey is going on and on about Springtime for Hitler, apparently - I have mentioned him exactly twice on this blog, once I said that I loved the parts of The Producers with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, the other one I mentioned that Willy Wonka was Wilder's best performance in a movie that Zero Mostel wasn't in.   You know, Stupy, you can do a word search to find out what I said about someone.  But why tell the truth when a lie is as good as the truth at Duncans?

Steve Simels has a lot in common with Donald Trump, Peter King, Alan Dershowitz, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sean Spicer,  and a list of habitual liars that's too long to type out.


  1. A word search? HAHAHAHAHAHH!!!

    I'll ask you once again Sparkles -- give me the month and year of our discussion on obscure classical composers and I'll leave you alone till Labor Day.

    1. I'd say your short term memory's shot, Simps, but I don't think it was ever cocked or a bullet was ever in the barrel.

      I told you Saturday that I'd taken down the contents of the blog that happened on, it's gone, your fools golden words on that are lost forever unless you kept a copy of them. Considering how stupid your claims were you should be grateful, though I'm sure like The Dersh you figure any words of idiocy become a production of genius merely by the act of appertaining to you.

    2. Oh, and as to your . . . uh . . . promise, we're not all as stupid as an Eschaton regular.