Saturday, July 14, 2018

How We Find Ourselves Living Through The Destruction Of American Democracy

I think it's fair to say that Russia is a country, the Russian People are a people under the anti-democratic control of organized criminals.  Like the United States under the control of organized criminals who are destroying democratic institutions here, there is some blame for that among Russians who were duped by the organized criminals, but there are large numbers, maybe even a majority of Russians who are innocent of guilt.

That's the reason that when I'm talking about the mafia state that controls Russian, which is in collusion with Donald Trump and many American billionaires, billionaires based in other countries, I don't fault Russia, I try to always remember to make the distinction that it's Putin and the criminal oligarchs who are doing all of these things.   I look at the biographies and histories of most of those people and find they were part of the previous oligarchic mafia that ruled the Soviet Union, looking into that, studying it, considering it has led me to my belief that the only realistic view of those anti-democratic systems is that they are all mafia states, their claimed ideologies and ideological motives about as meaningful to the organized criminal-dictatorial regimes as the alleged Catholicism of the Sicilian Mafia, the pseudo-Christianity of so many in the American equivalent of the Putin crime regime,  the "Americanism" of so many of the rest who have, for decades, undermined American democracy to the point where it is now in control of a man who is a puppet of Putin based on his acceptance of Russian oligarchic funding of his gross and grotesque love of the most vulgar of Las Vegas, NYC "good life".  The millions of dollars they gave to Trump and his corrupt family were the best investments that loan sharks have ever made on a loser, they got them direct access to control of the United States. 

I will give Putin this, he and his crime family have brilliantly taken advantage of every defect in the United States Constitution, every one we have allowed corrupt Supreme Courts to open up in it, going back into the 19th century to impose on us on behalf of robber barons and white supremacists.  But it wasn't only officially conservative figures who gave Putin what he used, the pseudo-liberals of the media, their hired legal hacks who invented "free speech" absolutism gave them and what is now their American allies, the corrupt billionaire oligarchs the means to corrupt millions and millions of Americans through the mass media.  Even before the foreign dictator Putin swayed an American presidential election, the Reagan administration admitted Rupert Murdoch, a foreign soft-porn king who had done so much to corrupt British politics through his media empire with the obvious intent that he do here what he did in Australia and Britain. 

The fact is, our system has been wide open to the same kind of billionaire manipulation and corruption of democracy for a lot longer than Putin has been alive.  That weakness which Putin and his mafia organization identified and exploited has long been exploited by the rich and powerful here, it has promoted every malignant thing in American politics through the media of the day.  When that media were newspapers and organizations and in-person speeches, it was enough to cause all kinds of evil,  when the electronic media, radio was invented, it was obvious that when the audience was hundreds of thousands and then millions listening on a network, the danger of lies and playing on peoples' worst weakness became much much greater .   

The legal system, lawyers, the courts, the Supreme Court pretended that the language of the First Amendment written in the 18th century was up to addressing the situation AND PROTECTING THE COUNTRY FROM THAT NEW DANGEROUS POTENTIAL OF THE UNIMPEDED MASS MEDIA IN THE CONTROL OF MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES.   They are one of the most useful of those tools that Putin used because those tools were always at the service of American millionaires and billionaires.   And, peoples' weakness being what it is, the excitement of titillating lies and the fast food of paranoia and envy, the regime of "free speech - free press" they erected in the 20th century was bound to serve the purpose of those with a motive and desire to sell them the worst ideas and encourage them to do the worst things.  

Some people wonder why I have gone on about these things so often.   All you have to do is look at the means that Putin used to gull Americans into voting for Trump, against their interest, against what is the best about us, he used the media, the most recent form of it. the least controlled form of it, the "social media."   He used free speech and free press to ratfuck our election to destroy democracy.  What he did was done by Rupert Murdoch through FOX, by Sinclair, through smaller networks and media corporations on behalf of the same Republicans who are preventing any effective restrictions on Donald Trump in office, on behalf of Donald Trump.  He controlled news cycles in even responsible media through exploiting their commercial necessity of focusing on the every Tweet of Trump, every titillating anti-Hillary line they introduced.  They understood the addictions of the American media a lot better than America's journalists do.  They are doing it under the legal rules the Supreme Court has given us, the system of permitting the media to lie with impunity and the Supreme Court using the excuses of "free speech and free press" to knock down every attempt that the Congress in the past and state legislatures have tried to prevent the very corruption of our political system through the dissemination of lies in political messages on TV, the radio, in print and now on the internet.   

We allowed the dangerously truncated words of the First Amendment to be interpreted in such a way that they destroy any real democracy, to turn it into an anti-democratic slogan which has worked entirely better for Republican-fascism which serves billionaire oligarchs here and, under Citizens United and other rulings, opened us up to the direct and skilled attack by the Putin mafia state.  That tool was given to him by the ACLU, such legal hacks as Joel Gura, various members of the Supreme Court of the United States, going back to the "free speech" rulings of Holmes and Brandeis.  That was given to him by members of the media who had a direct professional and financial interest in having the privilege of not fact checking what they said, of getting away with lying, if not for them then for their professional colleagues.  

That's how this happened. 

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