Thursday, July 12, 2018

Stupid Mail - Why I Will Not Address Simplistic Stupidity

By chance, I happened across this talk by Susannah Heschel yesterday, the day after I was forced to the conclusion that a man I thought was pig-ignorant and stupid through his own laziness, as well as morally deficient was that way because he's just not smart and was obviously brought up not to value the truth. 

Believing what she said about the moral problems of respecting even the dignity of those who choose to not have any, themselves, I'm going to have to work out whether or not I can, in good conscience, address the stupidity of Simels.  I will, though, have no problem with addressing his lies about what I say.  

If you listen to the video, I should tell you that the two intros are longish and unclear but once Susannah Heschel starts to talk her voice is entirely clear.

Update:  Maybe "Gummo" should come here and say that and I'll respond.   I don't believe that coward ever came here to read what I said, never mind to challenge it.

When Simps says I get "pissy" I think it means I mopped the floor with him.


  1. "When Simps says I get "pissy" I think it means I mopped the floor with him."

    Wow. Sure thing pal, that must be it.