Sunday, July 8, 2018

KNOWING the Truth Will Make You Free But Not Unless Enough People Know It And Make It Real In Life

The Gospel is radical, The Law is radical.  They are wiser than secularism. 

It couldn't possibly be more obvious that when in 1964 the Supreme Court said lies told by the mass media was protected speech that they were setting things up to destroy equality and freedom, yet that has been adopted as the conventional ideology of secular and way too many religious liberals on the basis of idolatry of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the extra-Constitutional assertion of Supreme Court supremacy to make such declarations. 

The facts of the past fifty-four years of American politics and society couldn't make the truth of the converse of that text from the Gospel of John as true as the words of Jesus, if knowing the truth will make you free, buying lies will enslave you.   Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, and now Trump, and the court dominated by the servants of the wealthy that they appointed and who now are engaged in suppressing the votes of the majority in order to continue Republican fascist rule, all of it sold by the mass media, up to and including the alleged liberal media.

In the world of secular musing just the fact that some scholar, somewhere, in some impotent little publication might print the truth without being arrested is enough.  But that's not true at all.

Jesus said YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH, and knowing the truth is what will make you free, not having some tenured but obscure prof.  publishing it in some journal or some little read writer scribbling it in some little read magazine.  It has to be known, that knowledge has to be made real in real life for it to work to produce freedom.  Even just knowing something without acting on it will be still-born knowledge, having no life, having no results in real life.

Secularism has, for the past century, developing out of the doctrine that came from the rather putrid mind of Oliver Wendell Holmes*, had some flaky notion that the truth if whispered in obscurity will automatically prove powerful enough to overcome lies shouted through the many megaphones of corporate mass media and packaged in ways that make it far more attractive than the plain truth generally is.   There is an entire industry of psychologists, sociologists, experienced ad-men who advise on how to sell lies by packaging them attractively and in a way that preys on peoples' strongest weakness.   The truth can't be so easily packaged, in many instances, the truth is a hard sell just by the nature of it.

The claims of the free speech-free press absolutists are so baldly wrong, proven to be wrong by the methods the same media use to peddle lies about commercial products that anyone who has fallen for that stuff is rightly considered to be willfully stupid.  Anyone who claims to believe the Gospel, The Law, the Prophets who goes along with that secular convention is not only volunteering to be a sucker, they are in a state of sin. 

*  I'll repeat again that the farther you look into the actual thinking of Holmes the more obvious it is that he didn't really believe that freedom was important, his thought was engaged in the most brutal of Darwinist fantasies in which the weak perish and the strong crush them, something he believed in as a  scientific reality.  He was a really horrible person and even his most mistakenly believed to be enlightened ideas serve his brutal and cruel character.  His myth, first mounted by himself, is an example of PR winning out over the truth.

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