Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Response - Pulling Your Head Out Of That Old 18th Century Ass

If I didn't read The Bible, if I didn't meditate on The Law and the Gospel, if I didn't listen to liturgy online most days I don't think I could cope with the horror of the world as it descends into Billionaire fascism and the ecological catastrophe they have brought us to.   And I don't think I'd be able to comprehend that there might be a way out of it.  I do that even as I look at the secular left and see it insisting on the same old things that have not only not worked but in a lot of cases aided the descent into fascism. I'm convinced that the secular left, the atheist left is inevitably a part of that because on the most basic level the intellectual materialism of that secular left is the same thing as the vulgar materialism of the pseudo-Christian right.   

That's what I've got, what the atheists have is that same old, same old junk that hasn't ever worked and the insistence that, somehow, by materialistic magic, I guess, it's somehow going to start doing now what it has failed to do, consistently, since the 18th century.  When it is applied, it has the opposite results of what it promises.  The Law, The Gospel, starting out by believing that God makes rights and moral obligations really works when those are applied.  

A debt jubilee as commanded in The Law would be nearly universally popular and it would make an excellent beginning in wiping out inequality.  You can only get rid of the billionaire masters by leveling them to the same level we are on.  

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