Thursday, July 12, 2018

Checking In On The Inquisition of Peter Strzok

The headlines that come up on Google inform me that those of The Federalist (fascist) say  that tower of moral integrity and supporter of Donald "I grab them by the pussy" Trump, Louis Gohmert said that because Strzok committed adultery that he's not credible.   

I'd love to see Gohmert under oath being asked about his marital fideltity.  

The Federalist (fascist) explicitly misrepresents what Strzok said, he said that he didn't say he as an FBI agent would "stop" Trump but when Trump did things like mock a Gold Star family he didn't think the American People would ever put someone like that in office.   And as Trump got in while losing the election, his wishes were right, though thwarted by the corrupt Constitutional system that allows that to happen. 

I fucking hate the Federalists (fascists).  

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  1. My defense of Gohmert is the same as my defense of Cruz (and Farenthold, and most of the Texas Congressional delegation): why do you think we send 'em to Washington?

    We don't want 'em here, either.