Friday, June 22, 2018

What Is Wrong About The Trump Regime's Treatment of Children They Stole From Their Parents Is Exactly The Same Thing That Is Wrong About The Republican Party

The amoral degeneracy of the Trump regime's theft of children from their parents is something that all of the Republican Party owns.  There has been no one involved in making that disgustingly racist, white supremacist, reduction of children and parents, poor, powerless people, every one, who was not approved by Republicans in the Senate, including the disgraceful John Kelly whose idea it may have been.  He was the Secretary of Homeland Security at the time he is reported to have floated the idea, a Senate confirmed position.

I have seen some in the media falling for one of my state's disgraces, Susan Collins' ass-covering pose of opposing the policy but it shouldn't be forgotten that she was one of the Senators who presented Jeff Sessions,  the key to this policy for confirmation,  she lied about his life-long history of racism and white supremacy in order to mute the opposition to his confirmation.  That was even as he lied about his record to the Senate and was exposed as lying about it under oath. 

The Republicans in the Congress won't do anything to prevent these things unless they are made answerable for their support for the Trump regime and their confirmation of amoral racists and plutocrats like the HHS Secretary Alex Azar, someone who Senator Patty Murray opposed for confirmation.   Among other things she said at the time of his confirmation by the Republican Senate was,  "I am alarmed he may not stand up to President Trump's agenda driven by sabotage and ideology."  The same thing could be said about Jeff Sessions, John Kelly and every single other person the Republican Senate put into place to carry out these kinds of policies.  That is because, as their refusal to move on DACA and any kind of reform in immigration to make it less racist, more realistic, MORE HUMANE AND DECENT, they will not stand up to the Trump agenda any more than they did the racism of their racist base.

And to that list you can add Kirjsten Nielsen, also confirmed to the position that she so shamefully fills.

All Republicans should be answerable for more than their very recent conversions of convenience on the issue of the Trump regime forcibly taking children, babies from their parents and sending them to baby prison, Arpaio desert tent prisons and who knows what other horrors that haven't been revealed yet.  All Republicans who voted for the confirmation of Jeff Sessions, Alex Azar, and the rest of these college educated thugs who are treating these children and parents like trash. 

That is what American, Anglo-American conservatism has come to mean since the time of Thatcher and Reagan, racism, the objectification of people, the commodification of people, the use of the powerless as a tool of ideological propaganda.  It is something which has been promoted on cabloid TV (Lou Dobbs on CNN and now FOX is a huge part of this campaign)  and hate talk radio as well as in conservative publications.  It is a seamless continuation of the worst of American history. 

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