Monday, June 18, 2018

Pure Insanity Caused By Fashion And The Simple Faith Of Far Too Many Of Us

In looking at the NPR website and its story about the potential dangers or promise of commercial, at-home alleged genetic testing kits, their example of a woman who bought one to see if she were at risk from a genetically inherited predisposition for breast cancer, I was a little surprised to see this picture of her.

Look at her left arm.  Covered with tattoos.  I wonder if it ever occurred to her as she had who knows what dye under her skin in an attempt to be groovy that something the artiste injected into her might, possibly be carcinogenic. 

The story makes me wonder about the faith people put in people they pay for things, the faith that a commercial company would be selling accurate and well-understood genetic testing, well done, and the faith that so many people put in tattoo artistes to not be injecting them with potential poisons and the clearly inadequate, at times criminally irresponsible safety-testing industry and the corrupted government agencies that permit ill-tested things to be injected into us, fed to us, to enter into us and our environment.  Not to mention the blatantly corrupt state governments that permit a lot of that under our idiotic federal system.

You would think that someone scared enough of their own genes to spend two-hundred bucks on a genetic test of dubious worth would have at least given as much thought to getting tattooed as that.  I don't know what you do about it once it's been done.  Even the removal of it would, I believe, leave the chemicals in your body.  I expect any day now we'll get reports on cancer caused by people getting large tats, which I am told are called "sleeves". 

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