Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I Need To Put My Feet Up, Eleven Lessons, In One Day!

I've been busy with work, today.  I'll post something tomorrow.   

Until then, remember, literally everything about what has been said here said at the Eschaton troll farm is a lie of Dershowitzian character

Update:  No, if he'd been one of my students I'd have told him he was more suited for peddling timeshares over the phone.  If not phony internet security.  Lying is his only talent. 

Update 2:  I said it was his only talent not that he was particularly good at it.  Though it suffices so he can tell the Eschatots what they want to hear.  

A con man's marks are his most important assets. Look at how someone as stupid as Trump lived off of his. 

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