Sunday, June 17, 2018

Susan Collins Does Her Usual Dance To Distract From Her Complicity

Is there anyone in Washington DC who is a bigger hypocrite and liar than Trump?  Sarah Huckabee Sanders?   Well, I think that Maine's "moderate" Republican Senator Susan Collins has got them topped in at least the hypocrisy angle.  This morning the piece of shit in a taylored suit, one of the Republican Senators who presented Jeff Sessions for the nomination to Attorney General,* who lied about his obvious and life-long history of racism and white supremacy to do that announced that she's ever so opposed to Jeff Sessions policy of stealing children from their parents and sending them to concentration camps, some of them sounding like the ones that the infamous Joe Arpio got into trouble for sending adults to, did what she always does when Republican depravity creates a potential problem for her. 

Collins says she opposes family separations at border, but calls Democratic bill to stop them too broad

The Republican senator came out against the Trump policy Sunday morning.

I can bet that she will do what she always does, make a show of regretting, of disapproving, a pantomime act of opposing this appalling criminal act but, in the end, Republicans know she'll find some way to help continue it unless her vote on the policy won't matter.  If Republicans can sustain this depravity, then, and only then, might she make the useless gesture of voting to end it.  

She is as disgusting as any member of the Trump criminal regime. 

* Read this from her statement in support of Sessions as AG.  

As a Senator, Jeff Sessions has worked across the aisle to lead important legislative reforms. He has worked with Senator Dick Durbin to pass the Fair Sentencing Act, a law that addressed the unfair racial disparity in crack cocaine sentencing. He worked with Senator Ted Kennedy to pass the Prison Rape Elimination Act and with Senator Chris Coons on the Reauthorization of the Victims of Child Abuse Act. 

And now she is going to find any way she can to make sure that now his fat, white ass is in as AG that he'll be able to make every one of those as dead a letter of the law as he possibly can and no one who has any honesty can claim that it is at all surprising. 


  1. Her idea that Feinstein's bill would prevent arrests within 100 miles of the border is completely fictional.

    Collins has a bill to fund Trump's border wall. That's what she wants passed.

    1. She's not willing to risk being primaried by the LePage tire biters, though after last week's primary here there would seem to be little chance of that, the LePage candidate, someone even more putrid than Collins lost to LePage-lite.

      I really have to say that I despise Susan Collins more than I despise the less hypocritical Republican-fascists. It was Barack Obama's using her and Olympia Snowe's never to be had bi-partisan golden fleece that gave him the excuse to betray his supporters. She not only is part of Republican corruption, she was Obama's excuse to do the Republican-lite thing, himself. But I'd better not get started on Obama, not on a weekend when I'm pretty worked up about this issue. Obama was pretty awful on most of it.