Sunday, June 17, 2018

Christmas Crap In June

Helping my sister, who was a school teacher for more than 40 years move, volunteering to clean out some of her place, I've got to ask, has anyone in history ever gotten something they ever wanted or used from a Secret Santa?   The number of entirely unused scented candles I threw away would probably fuel a small community for a few days.  A weird number of which have cooky and candy themed scents (blech).  Did they think she's 8?   Then there were the Christmas Themed hand towels, the decorations that were never used (lots of that crap is going to some charity thrift shop come November).  It's revolting.

And then there's the everyday teacher-trash that accumulates, useless notes of useless workshops, junk bought for her classroom and never used.  Free junk she picked up intending to make use of it but which never was used.  Rocks.  Boxes and boxes of rocks from when she taught science.   Other than the rocks that are going to join up with the native ones, it's all going to get recycled or sent to a thrift store.   Has there ever been a grade school teacher who isn't a hoarder of such junk?

I'm going to start unloading my hoard of junk because I don't want any of them writing a blog post about having to clean out my place when I kick the bucket.  But I don't have any of that junk, I got rid of most of that kind of stuff when I moved into a very small house.

I've still got three other school teachers in my family to go.

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