Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Stephen Gallagher - The Kingston File

Crime thriller: Gary Kingston is just a name on a file until he suddenly appears to be involved in a series of frightening murders.

Gary: Shaun Prendergast
Michael: Mick Ford
Wendy: Tessa Worsley
Cabbie/Superintendent: Stephen Thorne
Anna: Helena Breck
Michelle: Sue Broomfield
Tramp: Brian Haines
Trevor/First PC: Andrew Branch
Johnny/Sgt Piper: Steven Harrold
Det Insp Reid: Christian Rodska
Jed/Second PC: Stephen Hattersley
Caroline Tate/First WPC: Susie Brann
Sheila/Second WPC: Julie Berry
Willis: Alan Dudley

Directed by Martin Jenkins

This is a full-BBC style production, modest by movie standards but big by radio-drama standards. 

Here's a newer production, it's not my favorite genre, horror, it's not half bad for that.  I'm posting it because this post says it was recorded by the cast around one quite inexpensive Zoom H2N recorder (about $160, USD).  The results are a good example of what can be done with good planning and and use of resources. 

On a weekend camping trip, three boyhood friends rescue an enchanting young hiker lost in the mountains but soon find themselves pawns in a dark ritual as old as the hills with lethal consequences. And as shadows grow longer, a hideous truth emerges regarding the campfire legends of a wrathful old woman said to inhabit the valley.

Written, directed and produced by John Ballentine


Blaine Hicklin

Shelby Sessler

John Ballentine

Alan Wells

Music by Kevin MacLeod, Zero V, Richard Lainhart, Cormi and Setuniman

I'm not planning on doing any audio drama but I have begun to experiment with an even cheaper Zoom H1N and am pretty impressed with how much more it can do than the huge tape-decks of my youth which cost a lot more in 1960s dollars than these digital recorders do.  And I haven't even done anything like using a splitter to use more than one mic with it, yet.  Of course, you've got to work on the recording on a computer - I'm using the free Audacity program which does pretty much everything I need.  There are free versions of really expensive software you get a license for that come with the recorder but I haven't been able to get them to download properly on my computer yet.

And I would imagine there are people doing work with even less expensive digital recorders, though I don't know how good the sound quality you can get with those using an external mic or a splitter and mics.  I'd be interested in hearing any attempts.

One of these recorders with a good script and good acting and competent editing,  I don't see why anyone wouldn't try it if they're interested in drama.  Or music, for that matter. 

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