Saturday, June 23, 2018

Stupid Mail From A Stupid Male

Oh, please.  

Duncan Black doesn't write anything long enough so that reading it requires "lurking".  Though with your proven illiteracy it probably takes longer than it does a person of normal or above intelligence.  I doubt it took me a minute to read the thing.  But that's longer than much of Duncan's dim clan can sustain their attention.  Which is why he gave up writing. 

Update:  And I just found out that the stupid male is trolling my blog while he's spending thousands of dollars vacationing in a foreign country.  If I went to that bother and expense and had that opportunity, you wouldn't catch me wasting it online being an asshole, what he usually does from the comfort of his own troll hole. 

Update 2:  Well, you see, Stupy, most of my information that you've posted something stupid about me at Eschaton comes from you as you cross post stuff.  But that post wasn't anything to do with you and that cretins of the comment-threads wrote,  it was what Duncan typed in his minimal style so as to convince himself that he still writes something.  

It takes a real idiot to travel thousands of miles at thousands of dollars to do exactly what he'd do sitting at home.  You are that idiot. 


  1. To be fair, I traveled to Israel and Palestine whilst my wife was several months pregnant with our first born and still trolled blogs in between protests and tear gas...

    1. That would have had a point, the only point Simps has is on his dunce cap.

    2. And I am disinclined to be fair to Simpy.