Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wednesday Night Radio Drama - Peter Whalley - The Second Son

A chilling psychological mystery drama about identity, fraud and self belief. A son tracks down his estranged father only to discover that someone has beaten him to it. A stranger has taken his identity and claims to be his Father's only son.

Robert - Jason Stone
Laura - Gillian Kearney
Bob - Stephen Fletcher
DI Pine - Stephen Fletcher
Henry - David Fleeshman
Elaine - Denise Black

I chose a bad day to have computer problems, what with Bannon falling out with Trump.  And the big storm's starting and with what the public utilities commision has let the power company get away with, who knows if I'll be online after it starts.

In the mean time, this was a pretty good drama.  I've decided to post more radio dramas during the week.  I hope you enjoy it.   Peter Whalley isn't a bad playwright. 

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