Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hate Mail - You Planning On Golden Parachuting Into Catalonia Or Something, Trust Fund Boy?

I am not interested in going over that again for about the jillionth time but you did lead me to look at what Duncan's written today:

And He Just Published It
It's petty, but watching Maggie Haberman and her NYT fellow travelers turn their brand to shit has been fun.

I believe if the comment threads were up I was telling Duncan et al that the NYT was crap before they ever noted it, I've probably held that opinion since before boy Duncan was born.  I recall writing on what a bunch of jerks they were right after Stonewall.

More interestingly, looking up the legacy hire at the NYT (her daddy was Clyde Haberman, previous NYT hack) she's a product of the Ethical Culture Fieldston School (the famous atheist Ivy prep school in NYC) which, considering that she's a major water carrier for Trumpian-fascist Republicanism put an interesting light on "Ethical Culture" a sort of antique version of "Humanism".  Just to keep with the theme of the morning.  I'm finding it really an eye opener just what the ideological and pseudo-religious background of such people are.  If you want more of an example, here's the irrepressible Wonkette (post by Evan Hurst) on what a dick she is.

Duncan saying that what's going on in the United States, getting his laughs out of the newspaper that got permission for the media to lie for the richest bidders [Duncan is a free speech-free press absolutist, on record as opposing such things as the Fairness Doctrine] is fun?  Maybe if you were brought up with a silver spoon up your ass and are one, yourself. 

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