Thursday, January 4, 2018

Trump's Creation Followed The Roadmap of The Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell.

“You can do nothing until you’ve reached the masses, in order to reach them without money, without status, without a public platform, you have to become a dramatic figure”.

To get your puss on TV and your voice on the radio, in other words.  

Yep, that's how the media created Trump, with help from the promoter of neo-Nazism in Europe, North-American and elsewhere Putin, American's own billionaire-oligarch-Mafia and such lackies of that as Bannon.  Only I don't think Trump actually realized that's what was happening.  He's their Chatty Cathy doll dictator.  Well, more Tweety Cathy (Tillie?).  

The paper I read that in is about the origins of William Pierce and The Turner Diaries.  It's scary reading though I knew a lot of it already.   I expect I'll be citing it soon. 

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