Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Moving Forward From A Fatally Wounded Ideology - Answer To An Angry Socialist

On the contrary, I haven't abandoned the ideals that socialism was supposed to originally have been in favor of, I support those more than I ever have.   Those are so important - including the opposition to capitalism and, especially, neo-liberal capitalism - that I'm saying socialism shouldn't be allowed to become the be-all-and-end-all goal.   Since the word "socialism" and many of the claimed goals of it have been fatally co-opted by Leninists, Stalinists, Maoists, Nazis, some other species of fascism, such atrocities as Fabianism and the clown car of various socialist, Marxist, Maoist, etc. parties and entities in the United States and other places (some of which have murdered scores of thousands even as they never gained power) . . . it can never be cleaned up to remove the anti-democratic, anti-egalitarian, justice denying crap that buried it.   Pretending that the pursuit of socialism is a viable political position in the United States is more useful for the fascists here than it is even the most successful of socialists.   That hasn't been a viable political position since the communists, under order from Lenin destroyed the old Socialist Party in 1919, a date that should be commemorated because it was the final proof that in real life communism wasn't up to any good. 

I'm still in favor of workers having the ownership of the means of production, of an egalitarian living wage as Tommy Douglas said, those things which are vital for the life and well being of The People in the hands of a DEMOCRATICALLY CHOSEN government,  of universal single-payer health care, of universal good quality education - I INCLUDE EDUCATION AND ENCOURAGEMENT OF A BELIEF IN THE MORAL PREREQUISITES OF EGALITARIAN DEMOCRACY AND A DECENT LIFE FOR EVERYONE, I think that's probably more important for them than learning algebra and the current thinking on evolution.   Anyone who believes that democracy and decency can survive when the government and schools figure indoctrination in equality and decency are forbidden because of non-establishment, well, it wasn't an accident that when that idea spread that we got Nixon, Reagan, two Bushes and now the florid Neronic degeneracy of Trump.  We were suckers for the ACLU line on that.  The People have a right to create, for the creation of the social conditions that lead to instead of away from egalitarian democracy and decency, they have a right to the schools, the media and other governmental and social institutions not thwarting that effort through promotion of amoral and immoral depravity.   

So, you see, I didn't abandon socialism, I left it behind in favor of economic justice under egalitarian democracy.   Socialism is dead, despite what the Bernie Sanders campaign would lead you to believe because it not only was never enough, it got hijacked and ruined.  

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