Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Peter Whalley - When I Last Saw You

Jane - Lyndsey Marshal
Mike - Graeme Hawley
Neil -   Will Ash
Cath - Nicola Ferguson
Detective - Kate Coogan

Producer - Director - Pauline Harris

This isn't an easy play to listen to if you're expecting it to separate the sympathetic, good person from the evil one.   I think it might be a really good illustration of how expecting that doesn't take the possibility of change and maybe even redemption into account.  But it also shows how desperate someone traumatized by violence can be for justice.  What should the consequences for the original act have been?   Does the inability of the system (though not life) to punish the guilty make the second crime less wrong?   At the end, I felt sorry for both of them, though the solution was clearly wrong.  It's one of the best ones I've posted.

Peter Whalley was a really good playwright, wish I'd known his work while he was alive.  I'd have sent him a fan letter

Posted early as the wind is howling outside and there's no guarantee the power here is going to stay on.

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