Friday, January 5, 2018

Grassleys And Grahams, All Of Them, A Shameful Party With No Shame

With the news that senators Chuck Grassley, shame of Iowa and Lindsay Graham, from South Carolina, a state which has had little to no shame since it joined with Georgia to make the Declaration of Independence slave friendly in 1776, have told the Justice Department that Christopher Steel, the researcher and compiler of the dossier into Trump collusion with Russia should be indicted for lying about his contacts with reporters, they join in the coverup of the most serious treason by an American president in the known history of the country.   They are hardly the only congressional Republicans to do that,  Nunes, Rohrbacher, etc. have also been part of an obvious concerted effort with the Trump crime gang to cover up his crimes and stop the investigation.   The exemptions for the arrest of members of congress listed in the Constitution specifically and sensibly include treason as well as self-enrichment, what these traitors are doing should certainly be included in treason and if it isn't, the stupid Constitution should be changed to make it treason.

The Trump regime has done one thing beyond any question, it has torn the false front off of the Republican Party to show that it is the prime source of corruption and criminality in the government of the United States.  It has been for a long, long time.   All of the poses of patriotism and originalism and Constitutionalism and law and order and morality and virtue have been shown to be a total fraud.  The most cloyingly sanctimonious members of the Senate, among whom are Chuck Grassley, Orrin Hatch, and the shame of Maine,  Susan Collins, have all shown that their public persona was a fraud covering up the basest of opportunists and the pettiest of partisans. 

Chuck Grassley is one of the biggest and smelliest old assholes in the Senate right now, a man who combines a prissy, phony sanctimony with a stinking mean and petty streak a mile wide.   It would take a Sinclair Lewis to write an apt description of him.  For his role in this coverup, he is the one who should be under indictment for treason. 

If anyone was expecting that there would be a group of principled Republicans who would tell Trump that it was time to resign or face impeachment, they haven't been electing men like that to the Congress for decades, now.  They're all Grassleys and Grahams.

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