Thursday, January 4, 2018

Last Response To An Angry Socialist

Let me guess, you're a member of the Spartacist cult.   

I invite any normal people here to look up the Spartacist League, not because you're going to read anything important but because they are typical of the cults of they type who hijacked the term and some of the positions and fatally wounded socialism.  Those groups all do us the favor of documenting their insanity in millions of insane words full of the kinds of slogans they put in place of thoughts, buzzwords they love the feel of in their mouths, shibboleths of bull shit group membership  

They are a bunch of lunatics who,  as Noam Chomsky said, when confronted with a lying diatribe against him by one of them in a Q&A, don't want to live in the real world but who want to live in some eternally conducted seminar somewhere.  I think that could pretty much be said of the entire Marxist-Anarchist, etc. pseudo-left and is one of the reasons I think getting the left out of an academic bubble and into real life - not least of which would be churches and groups involved in the actual, get your hands dirty, difficult and hard work of delivering real things that real people need,  is so important.  

As I repeated recently, much as I dislike their position on LGBT rights, much as I dislike some of their theology, much as I dislike the militaristic trappings and as much as I pretty near totally dislike their founder, the Salvation Army has actually, at times, and imperfectly, been entirely more radical than the Wobblies, the I.W.W. about the only (former) member I know of who did the same was Dorothy Day after she converted to Catholicism and joined with Peter Maurin to form The Catholic Worker movement.  I certainly have my problems with some of what they THOUGHT but I greatly admire WHAT THEY DID.   The pseudo-left does nothing except distract, divide, mislead, AND DISCREDIT any left silly enough to pay attention to them out of some misguided feeling of "fairness" to them.  The lefty magazines, in my experience, are way too often suckers for them out of some kind of romantic nostalgia for the futility which is their history. 

Update:  Oh, if I'm alive and they're still holding that stupid thing, you can count on me mocking the Left Forum 2018, if there is an emblematic entity that should stand for the futility of the academic-pseudo-left, it's the Left Forum.   Their motto should be "steadily seeking tenure while the world goes to hell". 

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