Friday, November 10, 2017

When Freedom's Just Another Word There's Everything To Lose

The objection is made that I, as a gay man, have been the beneficiary of the overturning of Christian morality by secularism.   I reject that analysis on a number of bases. 

First, there is nothing in a materialist, scientistic, atheist ideological framework that identifies rights and the moral obligation to respect rights.   An ideology which not only can't produce an assertion of the reality of rights and the obligation to respect them but which, in many of its forms, logically attacks the absolute, real as atoms and subatomic particles and gravity, reality of rights and moral obligations cannot secure rights for anyone.  Materialist-scientistic atheism is a means of making those far more insecure than an imperfect belief that those are an endowment of all of us by God which falls short of the religious concepts of equality and justice.  

Second, it is a matter of historical fact that, from the beginning, the modern gay rights movement had major participation of religious people.  The fact is that the first American gay rights group had a Christian minister as its first president.  The first institution to recognize lesbian and gay marriages in the United States was The United Church of Christ.  

Third, there are vastly different things meant by "freedom".  If by LGBT rights and freedom you mean the right of everyone to equal decent treatment and political, legal, social and economic equality, the right to have our committed marriage choices have the full status that straight marriages are supposed to aspire to, yeah, that's what I'm for.  

If you mean the ability of gay men with money, power and no moral restraints to do the kind of stuff to those who don't promoted by Hollywood and the porn industry, to have "marriages" based on screwing around, picking up STDs, using other people as objects, such as the worst Hollywood moguls and TV "reality" stars do, internalizing the hatred and devaluation of my people, then I'd rather go back to being fully oppressed by straight people, thank you.  At least the enemy wasn't us, back then, at least the oppression wasn't internalized and voluntarily maintained.  The freedom to debase LGBT people through porn and sex advice celebrities isn't any freedom I'd buy and the only practical use for it by LGBT people with a sense of decency is that it's more likely to debase your spouse or your children or your friends.   Gay men who are willing to replace that old system of oppression with one mimicking the worst of straight inequality, in which men got to use women, only, in our case, men with power using men without power, aren't in favor of rights, they're as depraved as a Trump or a pornographer.   I don't trust any secular concept of "freedom" to not turn into that.  

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