Monday, November 6, 2017

Hate Mail -

If Greens and independents want to have a say in who gets the Democratic nomination they should join the Democratic Party and so stop being Greens and independents.  Any of them wanting the Democratic nomination for president should join at least a decade before trying to get it and gain credibility as a DEMOCRATIC candidate. 

Donna Brazile should never have any future role in the Democratic Party, not after this for-profit publicity turn that reopened that healing wound blown in the party.  Neither should many of the people in both the Clinton and Sanders campaign.   Jeff Weaver should just go to hell, so should the rest of the non-Democrats who tried to hijack the party nomination for a non-Democrat.  They are Republican enablers. The Greens are Republican surrogates.   Sanders should tell them to shut up and whatever he does he should make it clear he is not going to pull a stunt candidacy in the future.  A lifetime total of one of those helping to put a Republican-fascist in the presidency is more than enough. 

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