Saturday, November 11, 2017

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Gordon Pengilly - Seeing In The Dark And Two From Bailey's Way

When I found this play online last Wednesday my electricity was flickering and they were forecasting strong winds, so, instead of taking the chance of another four-day + outage, such as we had last week, I decided to post it right away.  If you didn't get a chance to hear it then or only come here for the radio drama on Saturdays, here it is again.   I've listened to it again since posting it and have to say it's about the best thing I've posted for radio drama.  I have great respect for Gordon Pengilly and wish some of his other, many, radio plays were posted.  If anyone knows him or whoever has the rights to those, I guarantee you that I'd post links to them all. 

As it says in the introduction, the jury that gave it a top prize in the BBC International Radio Drama Contest included Doris Lessing who said that it was "Cruel and beautiful".  I'd add heartbreaking.   I've read several of his other plays and, for the life of me, I can't understand why he isn't far better known. 

The first thing I ever heard by Mr. Pengilly were his 13 half-hour CBC Mystery Project episodes, Bailey's Way, when they were first broadcast.  I've already posted a number of those,  I'll probably end up posting all of them, eventually.  I'd love to have clean copies of them but, then, I  wish the CBC still produced radio drama.  The talent they helped develop and produce was quite incredible.. Here are two of the episodes I haven't posted yet.

Esther Purvis-Smith, David LeReaney,  Grant Linneberg, Joe Norman Shaw, Heather Lea McCallum, Wendell Smith, Jack Ackroyd, Barbara Gates Wilson

They said it was the last one but they brought Tanis Bailey and Donaldson and Sgt. Mann back for several more episodes.  

Esther Purvis-Smith, David LeReaney,  Grant Linneberg,  Barbara Gates Wilson,  Shauna Burnett, Frank Zotter

I'll point out, again, that these are a lot clearer than I first heard them on short-wave way back when. 

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