Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Morning After That Feels More Like A Fresh Start Still Requires Making Up For Lost Sleep

I was so excited over Medicaid expansion being voted in by the popular vote in my state and other election results that I didn't sleep much last night.   I shouldn't stay up to listen to election results anymore, I get too worked up.

But, luckily, RMJ wrote a very fine piece.   I wonder what the word for a human equivalent of "the question of evil" "theodicy" would be, the word that puts responsibility for human-created evil and suffering on the ones who choose to do it on those who not only make the choice but who either present it as religion or good administrative practice.   I'm not sure which is worse, the example of the Lutheran "minister" who spouts anti-Christian depravity or the medical industry whore of the Republican party who presents cold-blooded, life ending bean counting as some kind of ethical position.  Though I know it's the later who has the actual power to kill people.

As always, RMJ is worth reading, as are the comments. 

We do need a word for it, especially the kind of cold-blooded evil as ethics that Seema Verma embodies.  There's so much of that cold-blooded businessman style "ethics" about.  It's not at all unrelated to the kind of "ethics" that so many media-figure "ethicists" promote, which always seems to get around to writing up a list of those whose murders are presented as an "ethical" good. 


  1. It occurs to me, on the morning after, that one of the losers Tuesday night was Donna Brazile.

    Who's gonna talk about her dish on Democrats now? I mean on the talk shows and internet sites, where it matters?

    I kinda hope she's sold as many copies as she's gonna sell, because I think her spotlight just go turned off.

    So many things to be happy about.....

    1. I can't for the life of me understand why she did that, other than the possibility of getting on more talk shows.

      I hope if I ever try to get on cable talk shows someone shoots me.