Monday, November 6, 2017

Who Needs ISIS When We Have The Republican Supreme Court To Enable Our Most Effective Enemies?

There may have been a time when it might have been understandable to say "it's too early" to talk about serious gun control in the United States, I'm not sure when that was but it was certainly over on August 1, 1966, the day of the University of Texas tower slaughter.  That, today, more than a half century after that we have people in power saying today is "too early" and others talking "founding fathers" "2nd Amendment" as a means of stopping the discussion of how fucking insane the United States has been made by a combination of Constitutional lawyer blather, criminally insane Supreme Courts, fascists doing the bidding of Murder Inc. 2, the NRA, etc. shows that the United States, its mass media, its legal and political class and all others are too insane to not enable the gunmen who slaughter us in ways that ISIS, Al Qaeda, North Korea and all of our other combined enemies could only dream of doing.  

It is the 2nd Amendment nutcases and those who use them to gain power who killed the people in that church yesterday, who murdered the children at Sandy Hook, who murdered the people at the music festival in Las Vegas and all of the rest of the tens of thousands murdered every year for the last half century after the University of Texas tower shootings.  

There is a cold civil war that has been going on in this country ever since the end of the hot one, the body count from it dwarfs the one in the 1860s.  Yet we don't scrap the causes of it because those are embedded in our awful 18th century Constitution and in our collective mythology about that.  The United States has been rendered non compos mentis by its legal establishment and its media, both entertainment and alleged news.  I have come to doubt anything will change until the guns are turned on them and the billionaire oligarchs.  I've had more than a half century to watch things not changing except for the worst to lead me to that conclusion. 

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