Tuesday, November 7, 2017

We Have Seen The Enemy On TV And It Is Our Establishment Class

I can't tell you how angry I am since Sunday, coming so quickly on the heels of Las Vegas and the approximately one thousand gun deaths, largely unnoticed and under reported in between.

The act of public mourning and memorial of the victims of gun violence turns into expropriation of their lives when the people going through the motions, the politicians, the public figures the media figures are dedicated to the conditions that enabled their murders.  It turns what would, otherwise, be a dignified act of decency into an outrage.

And it has gotten worse than that in the United States where people like Alex Jones are free to broadcast the most incredibly evil lies, the victims of the Las Vegas mass gun murder get threats of murder from people who think it was a "false flag" event or who knows what other species of right-wing lunacy that we are told we must tolerate because "First Amendment".   That Alex Jones is still doing it after the outrage of claiming that the parents of murdered first-graders were part of an attack on "The Second Amendment" means that Trump unwittingly told the truth, in one sense, all of this is insane, it is insane that people have been suckered by the gun industry, the ACLU*, the Supreme Court, the Republican Party, etc. into thinking that it is not only possible to protect ourselves from guns and the lies that arm the insane,  but to talk us out of the obvious fact that it is an absolute right to protect ourselves and our country from broadcast, billionaire financed liars and from gun industry Murder Inc. propaganda.

The fact is that under the present regime that enables the Alex Jones, the NRA,  Republican-fascist, billionaire oligarch rule has declared war on decency, on the vast majority of those in the United States.  It has turned the United States into something way, way too much the Putonian regime that has done the same thing to the Russian people.  And it's a fact that even the allegedly liberal "free press" allegedly liberal "civil liberties" groups are thick as thieves with them. 

The call for prayers and sympathy to the victims of gun violence by such people as do nothing to counter serial mass murders as everyday occurrence is a blasphemy.  But so is the support for the lies and insanity that has brought about the system of Constitutional superstitions, slogans and perverted civil liberties pieties, of coercion to not raise an effective cry against the criminal insanity of our legal system, our politics and our media that has created the impotent libertarianism we suffer and die under.

If the United States Constitution worked insane people with criminal records wouldn't be able to buy guns, Alex Jones wouldn't have a show.  It does not provide for our common defense, provide us with the rule of law, does not produce the blessings of domestic tranquility.  Under the current legal regime and dominant legal theories, it actively works against all of the already truncated promises of the preamble of the Constitution.  It is a failure, it kills us in large numbers, it is an active declaration of war against us.  The Republican Part, the "civil liberties" industry, the American media that promotes insanity. the billionaire oligarchs who run and own all of those is the most effective front against the American People today and in our history.  Its only competition is the slave power of the past, it is, in fact, a continuation of it.

*  As recently as last February as the Republican congress and Trump were changing the law, the ACLU was putting out bull shit about how preventing the mentally ill from owning guns was a matter of "stigmatizing" people who are mentally ill.  The ACLU is no kind of liberal group, it is an ideological brothel that puts up a measly front of supporting a few decent things while enabling and championing the conditions that have brought about the catastrophe we live in, now.   The actual history of the ACLU, when known,  discredits its PR image.  It is largely dedicated to amoral depravity and determined unreality as a governing legal principle and has been for a long time. It should have been replaced by something else at least from the time of Skokie and Buckley v Valeo, if not before then.  They do have such a habit of being on the side of enablement of the worst on the basis of pretending that judges and justices and everyone else are powerless to make basic moral and rational distinctions.  Apparently they teach that in the elite law schools of America.

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