Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I'll Say It Alan Dershowitz Is A Racist Scumbag

Rolls Royce ambulance chaser,  Alan Dershowitz,  went on the Tucker Carlson show with Laura Ingraham filling in to slam the Honorable Maxine Waters when she pointed out his race-baiting the entire city of Washington, DC was racist.   You can read what the scumball said to the racist Ingraham at the link, I'm not quoting the piece of crap.   That he was on with a racist, race-baiter on a racist network should be considered to have burned any last shreds of his credibility that might have avoided his decades of setting fire to it  

Of course, like so many others who, long ago, had some shreds of credibility, and even a few who actually did, The Dersh has destroyed that over the treasonous Donald Trump.   In his case it probably has nothing more to it than his addiction for publicity.  

Actually, Maxine Waters didn't say that Dershowitz was a racist, she said that his race-baiting an entire city based on its racial character was racist.   But I don't have any problem saying that someone who does that is a racist.  His past claims of supporting civil rights is no more durable than his former claims to be a civil libertarian, something he pretty much destroyed in his infamous advocacy of torture.   

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  1. Ah, I'd forgotten about the torture "defense."

    I knew there was a reason I'd discarded Dershowitz as serious a long time ago. And I don't really understand the distinction between espousing racist ideas and actually being a racist. As Chris Rock asked, what do you have to do, shoot Medgar Evers?