Wednesday, August 9, 2017

If 31% Of American Voters And Those Who Corrupt Them Have The Power To Get Millions Killed We Must Disable That Ability

I happened to hear Lawrence O'Donnell talking about the pathological idiocy of Donald Trump threatening nuclear war with his fellow pathological playground bully, the North Korean dictator.  I think my brother's theory that Trump was jealous of Kim Jong Un getting more media coverage for the few TV minutes during which Trump's consciousness works was what caused him to make the unprecedented threat explains it.   Trump is a crime of the Founders, specifically the slave-power faction that wrote the Constitution, inflicting the Electoral College and its inherently undemocratic features on the nation and its posterity.   Trump is the ugly, massive, filthy posterior result of that late 18th century slave power, here and now, today.

As ignorant as Donald Trump are those who, given the terrible first six months of the Trump regime, those 33+/- percent of those who poll as still supporting him are certainly as pathological and ignorant as their Dear Leader.   The 31% of those who Lawrence O'Donnell said poll as being very confident that Donald Trump is capable of handling the crisis with North Korea well.  No one who believes that can be considered to know the first thing about the situation, I would doubt that most of them could locate the Korean Peninsula on a world map, I'll bet lots of them might think it's somewhere in the Middle East which they probably couldn't find on a world map.   

What do we do about the permanent percentage of idiots who have the ability to result in a Trump regime?   With the Trump regime following so closely on what was among the worst presidencies in history, that of the Electoral College - Republican Bush v. Gore Supreme Court majority inflicted George W. Bush regime which brought what was our previous worst American war in our history, an economic disaster, massive theft of public resources, etc. it's clear that that permanent percentage of profoundly ignorant and often maliciously angry, hating American People are a danger to the country and that their power is enhanced by the very undemocratic features of the United States Constitution which have done this, now, twice in this still young century.  within two decades.   That power of the worse among us is enhanced through the mass media, the use of sophisticated analyses of the population of the United States, where the worst of the worst are concentrated and the suppression of the votes of those who will not support them has grown more dangerous than at any time in our history.  

If American democracy can't do better than this in the face of modern, mass communication, social-scientific analysis, the permission given to FOX, Sinclair, etc. to lie, if the First Amendment can't be interpreted in a way to enable the ability to tell the truth while disenabling the massive power of persuasive lies, then American democracy has failed a crucial test of this time in one of the worst possible ways,  very likely in the form of millions killed by the TV created despot Donald Trump's baby-man narcissism and stupidity. 

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