Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hate Mail

"Freki" who also sockpuppets as "JR" is too chicken to come here and say that because she knows I'll whip her ass.  She's as big a liar as Simps and, truth be told, stupider than he is.   They're part of what made Duncan's once promising blog into an axis of drivel.   He had a hand in that, too, though. 

Update:  Birth of a Nation (which rebirthed the KKK after it had pretty much died out), Gone With The Wind,  The Littlest Rebel,  Song of the South, .... Geesh, really, practically the entire history of Hollywood, almost every movie and most TV shows depicting Black people,  The original inhabitants of the Americas, the Islands, Asians, etc.  Right up to this week.   Maybe the Brit doesn't know much about American history and the influence that movies have, especially among people who don't know much about real history - essentially most people.   Elvis Presley movies*, the good-ol' boy movies, and the Westerns, let's not forget about the massively racist Westerns, and their spin-offs in TV and pop music - especially when mixed with the post-Vietnam ultra-nationalist and military chic that really took off with the Reagan years are what fueled the present Nazi movement.   FOX started out as an entertainment venue before it turned into Trumpmerika's V√∂lkischer Beobachter.   That whole thing is a recreation of what happened in Germany in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Western crap, the lily white entertainment that created the mythology of these AmerikaNazis and gave them their mythology.  What? You think they got it from reading academic scholarship?   You would think that the shields with Nazi symbolism as imagined by pop-paganism would be a clue that they're not high brows.  

*  Go look at how Elvis Presley has turned into a neo-Confederate icon when, in life, he not only acknowledged the debt he owed to black musicians, he was, especially for his time and place, not at all what he was turned into.  He was hardly a liberal but he wasn't a white supremacist, either.  I never had much use for his music and even less for his movies and celebrity but I doubt he'd love the number of images you can buy with his face and name emblazoned on the American swastika, that Confederate battle flag.  

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