Friday, August 11, 2017

When Gordon Humphrey Knows Trump Is Insane And Has To Be Removed NOW, You Know It Too

Maine is the only state in the United States that shares a border with only one other state, New Hampshire, I live on that border and have followed New Hampshire politics since I began to follow politics.  During the time Gordon Humphrey was a Republican Senator from New Hampshire, he was considered to be on the quasi-nutcase fringe of the Republican right, before he quit the Republican Party over the nomination and selection of Donald Trump, he was obviously on the sane edge of Republicans who knew how dangerous Trump was and that he had the potential to not only turn out to be a criminal but that he was likely to get millions of people killed.  Obviously, Gordon Humphrey has both changed - sometimes leaving politics can lead to a change for the better - and the Republican Party has gone totally nuts. 

Gordon Humphrey has called for the immediate removal of Donald Trump because his playing a game of chicken with the paranoid, amoral and, lets, not forget massively armed and militant, North Korean leadership, could result in the deaths of, first, hundreds of thousands and eventually millions of people in the Koreas, Japan, other countries in the region and, as we were reminded, United States territories within easy striking distance from North Korea.  What China would do, what that would mean in costs of lives, who knows?

I do believe that Trump's eruptions of insane verbiage is probably his and his insane inner circles attempt to deflect the move to remove him from office, I wouldn't be surprised if scum like Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Miller figure this is a good political move for Trump, having seen what being declared "a wartime president"  in the media did for the two Bushes - our media's love of war is something that needs to be talked about in that regard, too.  

Donald Trump is nuttier than George III was, his criminal insanity and likely senility is a clear danger to the world and to the country, right now.   If our political system and Constitution doesn't remove him before he gets huge numbers of people killed, it is the final proof that those don't work to provide the most basic of the goods that are enumerated in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and any rational advocacy of government.  

Donald Trump has to be taken out of the presidency and sent back to Trump Tower, that has been clear from almost the beginning of the year.  If August ends and he is still in the White House, the United States deserves to lose its status as a respected and responsible country because it has ceased to be respectable because of its Neronian irresponsibility in keeping a pathological child from getting into a war with another pathological child.   We will have joined the list of the most dangerous countries in the world, governed by the cabloid TV and movie informed mind of Donald Trump.  

Rupert Murdoch and the people at FOX should be prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity for the role they've played in bringing this on.   Donald Trump is the creation of the worst of our media, freed to lie and promote corporate fascism on behalf of its owners and their investors.   FOX is the Völkischer Beobachter of our times. 

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