Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Everyone Uses Neologisms Whenever They Open Their Mouths To Talk

I used to have the common prejudice against neologisms, my self  but then I realized that every word in the dictionary was a neologism at one time so if the prohibition on them were some kind of law, no one would have any language, at all.  

What is wrong with neologisms is that they're often meaningless or used meaninglessly and, most problematic of all, dishonestly.  But what commonly used, standard word you can find in the dictionary hasn't been?  Just look at how the trolls here use "and" and "the".  When they're not used that way and the meaning they are intended to convey is conveyed, today's neologism just might last. 

Even that champion of neologisms, the author of the plays and poems that legend attributes to Shakespeare didn't get all of his introduced into the standard vocabulary.  One I really like that hasn't been comes from Richard II, act 2 scene 3 when Henry IV whines about "upstart unthrifts" taking his stuff that he shouldn't have had to start with.  I like "unthrifts".   I would offer a prize for the best use of it in a comment but I've got no way to convey a prize to anyone.  I don't do PayPal because I don't do anything I don't have to that puts money into the pockets of  tech billionaires.   

I wish someone would come up with an upstart, non-profit alternative to PayPal that would deprive "old money" techie billionaires of money.  Maybe a consortium of non-profits could do that.  I'll bet they'd get millions of people who would prefer to use it.


  1. "I used to have the common prejudice against neologisms, my self"

    Me too. I also used to believe that the word was spelled "myself."

    1. When last seen here you said,
      steve simelsAugust 1, 2017 at 3:45 PM
      Oh fuck the fuck off. Nobody believes a word you say, including your claim that hundreds of people read your shit.

      I'm never posting here again. There goes your click count.

      Well, apart from your attempts to post a "Zod".

      Eight whole days, must be the longest resolve you've ever made.

      And, Simps, when I can afford an editor, don't bother to apply.